The Golden Hour Glass

A trinket of legend with the power to unfold a destiny…

The Sands that fall around you

You all hail from Rivervale, a well populated valley in the land of New Hampshire. The valley itself is known as “River-vale” due to the wide body of fresh water which runs from high up in the mountains, cutting straight through a well secluded valley and eventually out to the open sea.

As you all learned from a young age, Rivervale is famous for its rich soils and plentiful harvest, but most importantly, the trade roads which follow the river down from the mountains. Dozens of caravans and merchant carts are welcomed each season bringing riches and magic with them. The merchants peddle their wares and resupply before moving down to the harbours and booking passage to Calimport.

For all the good qualities this place boasts, there is but one flaw which causes much unrest among its people. As the valley is so well secluded from the harshness of the world, the world itself can easily take no notice of you. It is needless to say that the economy and good standing of your home has come to depend on it’s merchant friends from across the sea.

Should something threaten the fragile balance of respect and profit, all who dwell within this little valley would surely suffer for it.

Protecting what’s yours

Word has reached you that the local magistrate requires the services of any willing and able adventurers. The task is to venture forth into the northern forests and locate a merchant caravan who are now a good tenday off schedule. Once located, you are to escort them back to town so that vital business can be completed and relations with foreign allies can be sustained.

You know that should the merchant caravan be lost or miss their deadline, your village will not only lose a measure of respect but also, its vital suppliers of necessary goods may choose to trade somewhere else to protect their interests. Most importantly, a reward is offered for volunteers.

The Golden Hour Glass